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Folk Heritage Association of Macon County, North Carolina
Linking Our Past to Our Future

The Folk Heritage Association of Macon County (FHAMC) is dedicated to preserving and sharing the culture and folkways of our Southern Appalachian Mountains. In this world of instant gratification and communication, unique and important lessons can be learned from the lives of those whose survival depended on ingenuity, hard work, and mutual help and support from their neighbors.

The founding members understood that with the increasing development and changing life-styles in our county, this priceless heritage was in danger of being lost, simply by our indifference and neglect.

According to Webster’s dictionary, heritage is “the culture which is handed down to one by ancestors”; history is defined as “recorded narrative of past events”. The Folk Heritage Association of Macon County was created to preserve heritage through educational projects that link our past to the future and make Macon County heritage come alive through demonstrations and hands-on activities. The annual Franklin Folk Festival, a major project of the Folk Heritage Association of Macon County, was started as a vehicle to accomplish the task of providing living history experiences.

As one of the founders of the FHAMC, Shirley Ridge, said, “Heritage is the living part of us; more than just reading or learning, it is a part of who we are.

The FHAMC was organized to preserve this “living heritage” of Macon County.We encourage you to step forward and become part of our efforts, for it is about each of us, both native and newly arrived; those who lived it, and those who wish to understand it.


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Mark the calendar for August 19, 2017. The Franklin Area Folk Festival will be held at the Cowee School Arts and Heritage Center from 10 am until 4pm. LEARN MORE

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franklin nc folk festival north carolina

News from the Folk Heritage Association of Macon County

ronnie beale preservation awardSeveral awards were presented on Saturday, August 15, 2015 at the Cowee Celebration and Macon County Heritage Day held at the Heritage Center at Cowee School. This year’s event was the third celebration for the Heritage Center and the first as a joint event partnering with the Folk Heritage Association of Macon County.

The Macon County Commissioners have awarded resolutions to Barbara McRae and Margaret Ramsey proclaiming them as Honorary Historians of Macon County in past years. The third such resolution was presented to Merritt Fouts at this Cowee Celebration.

Mr. Fouts was recognized as a lifelong educator who is known for helping to preserve the mountain culture with activities such as his clogging classes at Cartoogechaye School and also his internet newspaper – the Burningtown News.

Two Heritage awards were presented to worthy individuals by their respective Boards.

Paul Carlson, former Executive Director of the Land Trust of the Little Tennessee was honored by the Board members of the Macon County Heritage Center. Under Paul’s leadership LTLT bought the T. M. Rickman Store, partnered with the Cowee Community Development Club and Macon County to develop and support a vision for Cowee School as a heritage center.

Betty Ann Bryant was honored with a Heritage Award by The Folk Heritage Association of Macon County Board members. She served on the Heritage Steering Committee that later developed into the Folk Heritage Association of Macon County (FHAMC) in 2004 and is a Charter Board Member of the association. Her design for the logo of the FHAMC is widely recognized today.

Both Paul and Betty Ann were given beautiful locally made pottery items as their award – Paul a set of goblets made by Doug Hubbs and Betty Ann a pitcher made by Elise Delfield.

The first Heritage Preservation Award was presented to Commissioner Ronnie Beale by Bobby Kuppers, Vice Chair of the Macon County Heritage Board. The award was given by both the Heritage Board and the Folk Heritage Association of Macon County. Both Boards recognized Commissioner Beale for his many years of support for heritage activities over the years.

As Mr. Kuppers expressed, “seven years ago at the Boiler Room Steakhouse there was a meeting chaired by a county commissioner and attended by representatives of all the major heritage groups in the county. The future of heritage preservation was discussed as was the future of the historic Cowee School. At that meeting this county commissioner encouraged those groups to work together for the good of protecting and preserving the county’s heritage. Today’s celebration is a product of that meeting and of the hard work of the various heritage organizations involved in its conduct, but in all likelihood none of this would have been possible without the dedicated effort of that commissioner. So on behalf of the boards of the Folk Heritage Association of Macon County and the Macon County Heritage Center, we would like to recognize Commissioner Ronnie Beale with a Heritage Preservation Award.” A pottery vase crafted by Doug Hubbs was given to Commissioner Beale as an expression of appreciation.

Members of the Cowee Quilter’s Club presented Frankabelle Scruggs a commemorative quilt square in recognition of her work with the Club.

franklin nc folk festival north carolina

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